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Raquel "Rocky" Natalicchio is an international photojournalist, teaching artist and motivational speaker who currently resides in London, UK. Raised a traveler, both living and traveling through out the United States, Europe, Africa and Latin America her passion and expanding global awareness has influenced her distinct style, placing her at the forefront of street photography. “ I am a Story Teller and I believe in the power of image and story as having the ability to not only inspire but also expand our awareness. Images allow us to dive in to all the layers of our world and gain a greater understanding into our environment and each other. Images serve as tools to educate, motivate and liberate. They also are a place where worlds can be created and the future imagined.”

 She has curated and organized several exhibits and events, while also having shown through out the US such as Miami Art Basel 2016, Photo LA 2017, Night On Broadway 2017, Los Angeles Center of Photography, "Her" honoring Women's Month with the City of Los Angeles 2017, Frieze Week NYC 2017, Tribeca Art Fair NYC 2018 and winning best in show with Art House NYC in 2017. Her work has also been published in national and international magazines, local and online news sources such as DTLA Times and CNN. Inspired from her passion for education, Raquel is also a teaching artist, developing a photography curriculum centered around self love that she teaches teen girls ranging from 13-18 in after school programs such as Las Fotos Project and Ruckus Roots in Los Angeles, CA. In September of 2017, her first book was published, 'Spray for Peace' , a compilation of inspirational stories and messages from LA graffiti legends to the next generation of young street artists. This year she has traveled nationwide with Road Trip Nation as an ambassador, speaking to college and high school students about career exploration focused on defining their own road through their passions and interests. 

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 They say when something is right or meant to be the entire universe conspires to make it so. It’s that“AHA!” moment, like falling in love for the first time. For me it happened when I picked up a camera.