Road Trip nation goes to Ingram State Tech College

Its been a week since the last day of my second tour with @roadtripnation and as I reflect on this journey I am overflowing with gratitude from the growth, opportunities and magic I’ve experienced. Today one of the roadies asked me what is the moment that has stood out the most from my tours, and I can whole heartedly say that it was doing an event in Alabama at Ingram State Tech College that also happened to be a Prison.

Although in the beginning there were thoughts racing through my mind like “What can I possible say to someone who’s been in prison for years that can be inspiring and motivating? How do I relate to inmates raging in age from 20-60? “ But as soon as I stepped into the college building, I felt like I was in a “free world” ( as they call everything that’s outside of the prison) college. Staff referred to each individual as a student, I never heard the term inmate.

As the students poured in and the presentation went on, they were all engaged, respectful and most of all willing to open up to us and their peers. I realized this might have been the first time for a lot of them that someone was asking them, what do you love to do? How do you think you can get to that? And more importantly encouraging them to drop the disempowering noise and go for it! This may have been a moment for many in which it was just about them, as humans, not inmates. I felt the sense of pride and emotion that came over those who chose to stand up, say their name instead of their inmate number and share what their true passions and goals were. I made a connection between the high school students we had been visiting and the inmates, they all heard noise, they all had passions, and they all wanted to follow their dreams. That’s what we were their to do, tell them that no matter where you are in life, you can make that happen, you just have to believe in yourself and go for it.

They later on gave us a tour of their workshops, from welding and carpentry to upholstery and electrical, each jumping at the opportunity to geek out with us and show us what they are learning and what they had created. Before we left, two students ran up to us, one handing us a fish made of scrap metal that he welded himself, and the other a bag full of pillows that they had made in the upholstery class for us to take with us. Their sincere gratitude, excitement and genuine inspiration filled me with joy, compassion and hope in humanity.

The mission of this college is to inspire, nurture and empower the resilient human spirit of inmates by providing immediate and lasting solutions, one trade and one student at a time. Every student I met not only expressed their hope for their future but that of the world. Eliminating the prejudice that is carried about people who have been incarcerated and empowering these communities, no matter their circumstances, is vital to evolving human kind with compassion for a better world to be tangible in our lifetime. 💪🏼💗

Featured by VoyageLA Magazine !

So excited to be featured by VoyageLA Magazine as part of their ‘Thought Provokers’ series. I’m extremely grateful to have been selected by people who’s goal is to empower hard-working, inspiring artists to tell their stories authentically and in their own words, while offering a platform to be seen for new opportunities! Check out my feature and the full list of Thought Provokers and get inspired! CLICK HERE! 💪🏼❤️📸

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RNP X Vans Custom Culture! <3 <3 <3

So excited to ship out these awesome Custom Vans with one of my photos from DTLA ! It’s never too early to start Christmas Shopping! Check out more styles Here! • Because these are custom it will take up to 3 weeks to ship out, so don’t wait! • 📸👣😍🖤

Visited West Point Military Academy!

Had the amazing opportunity to visit West Point Military Academy and get a private tour from a Cadet. The campus was rich in history and beautiful, but the most memorable part happened when we entered the campus cathedral built in 1910. If you know me, you know I have an insatiable curiosity for hidden places. While wandering inside the cathedral, I noticed a cracked open door in the corner and saw stairs that led up to the top of the cathedral, but there was a locked gate blocking the climb. There happened to be a man dusting off a table nearby and we asked him what led up the stairs. He looked up wide eyed with a smile that lit up the room and said, would you like to see? My eyes matched his and I quickly said YES! His name was John and he was a caretaker of the Cathedral. His passionate enthusiasm gave us a one of a kind insight into details of the cathedral, from the wood carvings, crypt, tunnels below, 77 steps up the bell tower, walking over the enclosed roof, to playing amazing grace for us on the bells in the bell room. Getting to know him and his passion for his work was inspiring and reminds me to remain curious, not only about places but about people. ⛪️✨ #rnpexplores #westpointmilitaryacademy

On The Road Again with Road Trip Nation!

This week I started my second road trip with @roadtripnation and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m so proud to be a part of a team with a mission to inspire students and people around the world to define their own road in life and to pursue what they love. This time we will be on the road for two months driving down the east coast starting in Rhode Island - Boston - NYC - Philadelphia - Washington DC - Tennessee - New Orleans & Texas. Stay posted on my instagram @Rockmyworldrocky for adventure pix & stories.

Live Interview with Mindful Models!

Here is the full live interview with Mindful Models from their Soul Talk Series! 


Mindful Models is a social movement that promotes emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing in the modeling industry.

VISION - We envision an empowered, inspired and joyful world made up of creative individuals committed to building a sustainable future for humanity.  

MISSION - To bring mindfulness into the fashion, modeling and entertainment industries and create a community that is nurturing and supportive. 

To learn more about Mindful Models, CLICK HERE!

On the Road with Road Trip Nation!

Six weeks ago I set out on an adventure to tour the country, living in a giant green RV with three other roadies and a mission to inspire students to define their own roads in life. We drove from California-Oregon-Washington-Montana-North Dakota-Minnesota-Wisconsin, ending in Chicago,Illinois.

We explored the cities and nature in every state, but most importantly we spoke at high schools and community colleges with the intention to inspire and motivate students to build their life according to their real interests and passions. At first public speaking to a room full of students wasn’t easy, but I quickly realized that when showing up with complete authenticity and sharing my own journey it just became a conversation. No matter what our circumstances are, if we are dedicated, focused and believe in ourselves, we will have created a life we love that is inspiring for ourselves and those around us. It’s unbelievably hard to describe the trip in its entirety, from the roadies that became my family to the students that became fuel for my own inspiration, but I will say this, hope for a brighter future is not only alive but strongly taking form.

I am so grateful to have been a part of this journey and for all the beautiful lessons and magic I have witnessed. I’ve not only become more compassionate but a more active listener, having to constantly adapt to different demographics and kinds of students, really put myself in check as to what am I communicating and how can I communicate better, making me not only a better teacher but a better student.

Thank you so much @roadtripnation , finding you was like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Thank you for your hard work and for getting this message out on the road, where it matters most. We end our presentations with a final piece of advice like our founders asked of the leaders they interviewed, which propelled this movement.

My last piece of advice is:Just be you, know that your being seen, loved, inspired and inspiring, because your you. World peace is no more than you, it’s in your heart, it’s in your mind, it’s everything inside of you and so world peace is here, it’s happening now, through you. So be World Peace.

'Spray For Peace' Book Release Show!

To think this started out as an idea while doing a walk through of the space, and to see it now standing tall and alive, re affirms to me that anything is possible. With the right team and attitude you can create your wildest dreams. After months of planning, organizing, building, hauling, buffing, assembling and showing, I had to take a moment inside to admire all that hard work so many people and myself put into it. We tore it down that same night, and even though the time this installation was up felt brief, its intention of being a part of something that was inspiring was accomplished and with that I feel accomplished. Thank you to every person who put time and love into this project. 💗💪🏼💗 #sprayforPEACE  

Best in Show for Art House NYC!

So excited to announce I was selected as Best in Show by Art House NYC for Frieze Week in NYC!

The image below was selected as part of a group show with the them " Peace de Resistance", out of the many talented artists along side me exhibiting I am so honored to have been selected. Thank you Art House NYC ! 

Light Up LA illuminates Hollywood for Salsa Sundays!

Every Sunday of May I will be displaying 'Light Up LA' at Candela on La Brea in Hollywood. This after brunch event offers an amazing Live Salsa Band playing well known songs such as She's So Heavy by The Beatles and Californication from The Red Hot Chili Peppers. You don't want to miss this new age spanglish transformed band. The photos I have on display are uniquely printed on glass and back lit by an ultra thin LED screen, making the lights of the city glow. This is an event to look out for, not to mention great happy hour specials! Come by Candela on La Brea every Sunday for the right way to rehab for a great start to the week! Click HERE! for the event page for more info.

NYC Art House: Peace De Resistance Group Show!

So excited to have been selected to exhibit with NYC Art House for their Peace De Resistance Group Show during Frieze Week May 4 – May 7 !  

"We live in interesting times and our latest group show Peace De Resistance explores the peace and resistance that we now observe, experience and execute in our daily lives exploring the truth that lies underneath the surface of appearance. " - NYC Art House

Link to Facebook page of event for those in NYC wanting to attend! CLICK HERE

Graffiti is Empowering Mexico

Graffiti artists from across Mexico and US unite over two days in the colony Nueva Vallejo in Mexico to create murals as inspiration for local residents to take action in bettering their community through art.

Words and Photographs by Raquel Natalicchio , Mexico City - February 4, 2017


Neighborhood resident observing 'Peyote' painting for the ' Mi Nuevo Barrio Art Festival' in the colony of Nueva Vallejo, MX.


North of Mexico City in the colony Nueva Vallejo, 'Mi barrio Resurge Festival de Arte' was born from the concern of neighbors to improve their neighborhood and give an example to the rest of the city how art is able to create a better environment to live in. From February 4th to the 5th, 22 artists including some of the best from all over Mexico along with artists from Los Angeles and Detroit in the US, gathered to paint three blocks worth of walls.

  Collaborating organizers Idalia Lopez and graffiti artist ‘Ashes’ teamed up representing residents speaking out to better improve theirneighborhoods from within community cultural and art committees. The two organized with graffiti paint shops, artists and neighbors, first choosing a location, then artistic themes and color schemes for each wall, resulting in mandalas, free wall and nature inspired themes. Some neighbors even came out the day before the event to help prepare the walls for the artists. “This festival is     about bringing color and life back to the streets, but more importantly its about getting people together and actively involved in making their community a better place. Gentrification is inching its way towards our community, so we want to set the pace and do things from our point of view. ”said organizer Lopez.   

    Throughout the two day event, artists painted from morning to sunset while neighbors passed by. Residents stopped in their tracksmesmerized in wonder having never seen not only their streets filled with color but, so many artists all painting at once. “ Im happy that every time I open my front door I will see thesecolorful walls, I wish all the walls in the community looked like this.”said a resident whose home is across the street from the walls being painted. 

    With every piece being created independently by a different artist, it was interesting to see the unison of all the pieces on each separately themed wall.Within a couple hours into theirpainting, there was a moment where every artist was in sync to their neighboring artist. French graffiti artist ‘Trust’ now living in Mexico City said “ I’m just throwing my emotions on the wall, right now I feel differently than I did when I painted the inside of the letters earlier, so now I have to change them as the piece is constantly evolving with myemotions and environment” The sense of freedom created by the welcoming of the community set a very serene tone for the artists to work with. The neighborhood was buzzing with positivity and excited chatter. Someneighbors even asked the artists if they could come paint the walls in their gardens and streets. One neighbor in particular asked a couple artists to paint his work van, he brought his two young daughters to watch with excitement. 

    ‘Cache,' long time graffiti artist from Los Angeles who traveled to Mexico for the festival said “I like that the neighbors were into it, and the little they have, they offer.” Neighbors fed the artists both days with delicious Mexican home cooked meals. I asked if from Cache’s perspective he thought that having the neighbors see the art being created and being involved in the movement to beautify the neighborhood will inspire them to take charge into doing so with the rest of the community? ‘Cache’ replied “ I sure hope so, I saw a spark in a kid's eye when he saw us painting, it gave me a little bit of hope for the future.”   

    This was the first of a two part festival revamping the streets of the community, bringing them back to life with vibrant art. The second festival will be happening in the same fashion in April, with even more artists, both national and international. 

For more information and list of artists involved visit Non Profit Organization organizing this festival: Culture al Hilo ,

For more photos from the festival follow link ,


All photos are copyright to ©Raquel Natalicchio

Night On Broadway 2017

Night on Broadway was so much fun! Felt like all of LA was there. I had the pleasure of showing in the mezzanine of the infamous Ace Hotel Theater. I showed the project 'Light Up LA' featuring my new LED back lit glass frames. Take a look at the photos!

Talking Peace Festival @ The House of VANS!

 The "Talking Peace Festival' hosted by 'The House of Vans' in London on International Peace Day  Sept.21, 2016. The peace talks lasted two weeks with an array of cultural events that allowed people to discover how creativity can bring people together and resolve conflicts. One of the biggest conflicts affecting humanity today is that of the Syrian Refugee Crisis, and in honor of that the first week was dedicated to the installation 'Create Syria', which explores how arts can build a better future in the wake of crisis. 

The exhibition, curated in the atmospheric tunnels of House of Vans, Waterloo, London (22 September- 2 October 2016) will showcase the stories and works of several exiled Syrian artists and cultural figures living in Lebanon and working in diverse art forms such as theatre, film, painting, animation and music.

The featured artists have all been running workshops for displaced Syrian children and young people in refugee camps and other communities across Lebanon, using art to promote self-expression and collaboration. Their message is that Syria is not just about destruction and crises, but also re-growth and creativity.

The exhibition was inspired by a project run by Alert in partnership with the British Council and the independent cultural organisation Ettijahat in Lebanon. It is curated by Ying Hsuan Tai of Goldsmiths, University of London.

Charlotte Onslow, who co-ordinates the Create Syria project at International Alert, says:

“We hope Create Syria will showcase the vibrant artistic scene alive among Syrian artists living in exile and highlight how creativity and expression is opening up space for wonder and calm in a time of crisis and the opportunity to imagine a future without violence.”

This video is an interview with syrian refugeee filmmaker,  Hisham al-Zouki who directed a short film, The camp and my parents‘  story, which documents the oral memories of Syrian  refugees living in Lebanon. The  film has been created as part of a series of workshops for Create Syria teaching young refugees how to direct and edit films.
For Hisham,  art is a process of dismantling society and putting it  back together again. The goal of their project is to overcome the marginalisation of  young people, to transform the current conflict and to continue using the power of  film to foster change through storytelling.

 For more information or to learn about 'Create Syria'  and see when the next Peace Talks will occur please visit: 

* Photos of  the Europe-wide UN Anti-Racism Day Demonstration 'Refugees Welcome' by 'Stand up to Racism' in London  March 19, 2016

All Photos are copyright to Raquel Natalicchio© , All Rights Reserved


For more information or to learn about 'Create Syria'  and see when the next Peace Talks will occur please visit: 

* Photos of  the Europe-wide UN Anti-Racism Day Demonstration 'Refugees Welcome' by 'Stand up to Racism' in London  March 19, 2016

Video Made by Photo journalist Raquel Natalicchio , #RNPExplores @RockmyworldRocky

All Photos are copyright to Raquel Natalicchio© , All Rights Reserved




Visiting Co-LAb Gallery in Highland Park!

Co-LAb Gallery is Highland Park’s latest addition to the community’s booming art scene and a space that is transforming the gallery concept into an accessible and affordable community space. It was such a pleasure writing and photographing this story, <3 make sure to check this gallery out, what they are doing with the community is truly inspiring! Spread the LOVE! See the Pix and article! 




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