Visited West Point Military Academy!

Had the amazing opportunity to visit West Point Military Academy and get a private tour from a Cadet. The campus was rich in history and beautiful, but the most memorable part happened when we entered the campus cathedral built in 1910. If you know me, you know I have an insatiable curiosity for hidden places. While wandering inside the cathedral, I noticed a cracked open door in the corner and saw stairs that led up to the top of the cathedral, but there was a locked gate blocking the climb. There happened to be a man dusting off a table nearby and we asked him what led up the stairs. He looked up wide eyed with a smile that lit up the room and said, would you like to see? My eyes matched his and I quickly said YES! His name was John and he was a caretaker of the Cathedral. His passionate enthusiasm gave us a one of a kind insight into details of the cathedral, from the wood carvings, crypt, tunnels below, 77 steps up the bell tower, walking over the enclosed roof, to playing amazing grace for us on the bells in the bell room. Getting to know him and his passion for his work was inspiring and reminds me to remain curious, not only about places but about people. ⛪️✨ #rnpexplores #westpointmilitaryacademy