On the Road with Road Trip Nation!

Six weeks ago I set out on an adventure to tour the country, living in a giant green RV with three other roadies and a mission to inspire students to define their own roads in life. We drove from California-Oregon-Washington-Montana-North Dakota-Minnesota-Wisconsin, ending in Chicago,Illinois.

We explored the cities and nature in every state, but most importantly we spoke at high schools and community colleges with the intention to inspire and motivate students to build their life according to their real interests and passions. At first public speaking to a room full of students wasn’t easy, but I quickly realized that when showing up with complete authenticity and sharing my own journey it just became a conversation. No matter what our circumstances are, if we are dedicated, focused and believe in ourselves, we will have created a life we love that is inspiring for ourselves and those around us. It’s unbelievably hard to describe the trip in its entirety, from the roadies that became my family to the students that became fuel for my own inspiration, but I will say this, hope for a brighter future is not only alive but strongly taking form.

I am so grateful to have been a part of this journey and for all the beautiful lessons and magic I have witnessed. I’ve not only become more compassionate but a more active listener, having to constantly adapt to different demographics and kinds of students, really put myself in check as to what am I communicating and how can I communicate better, making me not only a better teacher but a better student.

Thank you so much @roadtripnation , finding you was like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Thank you for your hard work and for getting this message out on the road, where it matters most. We end our presentations with a final piece of advice like our founders asked of the leaders they interviewed, which propelled this movement.

My last piece of advice is:Just be you, know that your being seen, loved, inspired and inspiring, because your you. World peace is no more than you, it’s in your heart, it’s in your mind, it’s everything inside of you and so world peace is here, it’s happening now, through you. So be World Peace.