Los Angeles is no doubt one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. It is not as obvious at first sight like cities such as New York or Chicago but if you keep walking through her streets, climbing up to her rooftops and are able to gain her trust, she will show you a magnificent view of hot summer days where the sun warms the faces of her Angelenos right before setting and leaving behind a rainbow covered sky. Where the stars blend in with the vast amount of twinkling lights shining from homes and buildings that surround Downtown. She is much like the people that are native to her, outstandingly beautiful and yet only so for those who deserve to see and feel it. So if you are in Los Angeles and want to see what it is like to live in The real LaLa Land not Hollywood or Beverly Hills , then go outside, right now, take nothing except and open mind, open heart and don't forget to stop and look up to wonder how beautiful life is in a city that gives you wings. ✌️❤️👼