Female Urban Cyclist: Article & Photos by Raquel Natalicchio

First time pitching a story to Urban Cyclist Magazine, I had been working with for a couple years and happy to announce that not only was it picked up, It turned into a 5 page spread using both my photos and the article I wrote. The story is about the Female Urban cyclist in LA. When I started this interview process I wanted to capture the female cycling culture as a whole by seeking out a woman representative of all the subcultures within this community such as commuter, racer, activist etc… I quickly came to realize that there are no separations amongst this community. The unity and love that was expressed individually from each rider was inspiring and goes to show why the community is as strong as the women who are within it. They cycle to fit their lifestyle but at the end of the day its all the same.They are all commuters, riding for fun and racing wether it be in a criterium, the streets or racing to beat and win their personal doubts to finish victoriously strong. Check it out through the link below and show it some LOVE !


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